Keep the refrigerator out of direct sunlight and heat-producing appliances. Refrigerators are built to stay in a conditioned climate, so the excess heat will make your refrigerator work harder to keep cool. They should be at least two to three inches away from the wall allowing breathing room and better air flow around the condenser coils, which helps the refrigerator cool more efficiently. Twice a year the door seals should be cleaned with a mild soap so that they do not dry out. If they do then it will have to be replaced or else cold air will be lost. The back of the refrigerator along with the condenser coils should be cleaned twice a year from all the pet hair and dust that has collected. This will help the refrigerator work less saving you money. Limit the number of times you open the refrigerator door. The air suction created by the action of opening the door causes the refrigerator to lost more air than if the door were left open a little longer. Last thing keep the refrigerator and freezer moderately full. This will help it stay cool more efficiently with product that is frozen or cold.